I'm Jess, a traveling editorial wedding & elopement photographer based out of Washington, DC.

Here's the thing. It was never my plan to become a professional photographer, or to even be an artist. I remember at 16 working in the film darkroom and watching my shots expose-- thinking I loved the chemistry process of it more than the art.

After college, my photography was no longer just a creative outlet-- but became the way I experienced the world and learned the stories of the people around me. And honestly, it can't get better than this!!

I'm here for the lovers who aren't afraid of dancing like fools, or afraid of rain on their wedding day. For the couple that can scale mountains in exotic countries just for an adventure-- as well as the couple who marries in their childhood backyard because of all the memories it holds. It's all about your love. That carefree, sarcastic, teasing, loving, fun, quirky and genuine love.