Brittany & Charlie 


This shoot was a loooong time coming. Brittany has been one of my best friends since college, and not only did we spend our nights laugh/crying through our science courses, but she was also with me in both the funnest and the most chaotic times of my life.
She’s also a photographer (shoutout @brittanyrosephotographs) and is my go-to person for all things gear!

We were texting one night and next thing you know I bought a flight and was off to do their shoot in Utah!
The night I arrived, we packed up Charlie’s truck and road tripped out to Moab. Ah yeah.
Charlie and Brittany have been together almost 6 years, and they have that kind of teasing-really-know-each-other relationship that only time can bring. We spent the day singing to Journey, flying drones, and running around the tops of those incredible canyons.

Once the sun was set, Charlie drove us to the little gas station in the middle of nowhere and we raided it’s candy and chip aisle for the long drive home.

What a blast of a day, I love you guys! xx





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