Ferdaus & Ryan

Oh my gosh I just fell in love with Ferdaus and Ryan when we had our first meeting over Facetime! Ferdaus and Ryan met when their elementary school daughters became best friends.
Soon the girls getting together started to become an excuse for both parents to get together as well, and the rest just fell into place.

Their bohemian-style wedding was so thoughtful and personal. Everything from the cape on the outside of Ferdaus’s wedding dress, to her mother’s homemade Turkish Delight, to their daughters’ fairy wings, each had memories attached to them. Watching all the girls dance down the stairs of their home to their traditional bridal song was one of the most genuinely heart warming moments to photograph!

At the end of the wedding, everyone gathered into the gazebo and performed dances from their different family cultures- uniting them all as one large family.

Honestly, one of the most genuine weddings I’ve gotten to be a part of. Love you guys! xx



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