Woo finally! Here are my film presets available for your p-h-o-n-e!
I've been in love with film every since I was 16, but I just don't carry my film camera around with me everywhere (sorry little guy chilling on my desk right now).  These presets take the film world of authenticity and creativity and bridge it with our digital understanding. Based on real film types, I've mimicked some of my favorites and made a few personal tweaks ;)
Hopefully making our photos more creative, artistic and meaningful again. Take a look! 





This collection includes:

+ 5 film colored presets

+ 2 film B+W presets

+ A step by step installation and editing tips guide

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Oh sweet baby Ektar film. Vibrant blues and orange tints, this film adds the color back into our lives. You can count on bright blue skies and red flowers showing up hot– think 50’s color palette.



Expired Agfa

Beautiful muted Agfa, this film is no longer sold and the only ones you can get your hands on will be long expired. Known for its muted colors and unsaturation, when expired it creates an even more minimal look. Unlike Velvia and Ektar where saturation is key, with this preset you keep things low-key. It feels very anti-instagram to me, and that’s why I love it so much 😉


Goldy film over here is a winner take all. Giving everyone that sunny just-came-back-from-the-beach look. Actual gold hues (not orange or yellow) make the whole photo look timeless.


Okay, for all my film lovers out there I’m sure you’ve gotten your hands on Portra before. This classic realistic color palette with a touch of sun, keeps your photos simple and clean. A good all around warmth look. 


Velvia reminds me of red velvet. Deep pink and red saturation makes the world feel like abstract art. In real life, Velvia film can sometimes turn skintones red-red, so in my version I toned down the saturation for skin and left the vibrant pinks for everything else. This is for all the creative types out there who want to stand out. 

Delta B+W

Fine grain film known for its soft shadows and open feel, this is the modern black and white.  

Tri-X B+W

Deep tones, heavy contrast. This film preset is everything you want for a black and white.